Energy Awakening Course

Expand Your Awareness & Influence of Subtle Energy

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Curriculum for this course
44 Lessons 04:15:04 Hours
1 Lessons 00:04:41 Hours
  • Welcome 00:04:41
  • Link to Course Audios
  • Truth 00:05:50
  • Subtle Energy 00:11:28
  • Psychic Perception 00:07:48
  • Energy Sensitivity 00:10:06
  • Chakras 00:15:47
  • Energy Body 00:07:38
  • Energy Awareness Audios 00:08:46
  • Visualization 00:08:24
  • Meditation 00:16:19
  • Sensing Energy 00:07:35
  • Energy Body Stimulation 00:05:42
  • Awareness Actions 00:05:03
  • Hand/Palm Stimulation & Growth 00:07:50
  • Body Part Stimulation 00:10:07
  • Whole Body Stimulation 00:06:14
  • Energy Bouncing 00:02:37
  • Conceptual Communication 00:12:19
  • Sensing Chakras 00:05:13
  • Chakra Clearing & Balance 00:09:19
  • Raising Energy 00:09:51
  • Healer Primer 00:06:35
  • Become The Healer 00:03:47
  • Healing Energy Use 00:04:14
  • Crystallization Attunement 00:05:17
  • Crystal Energy Use 00:06:46
  • Defense Aura 00:13:47
  • State of Unconditional Love 00:11:46
  • Morphic Fields 00:19:59
  • Closing Thoughts 00:04:16
  • Exercise Regimen
  • Exercise Sheet
  • Energy Course Text
  • Emotional Control
  • How to Apply Course to Daily Life
  • How to use Our Massive Library of Audio Fields
  • The 7 Chakras
  • What is Non-Dual Thinking
  • What is the Ego & How to Tame It
  • What are Low & High Vibrations
  • How to Manifest Your Desires
  • How to Create a Morphic Field
  • Course Live Webinar Links (UPDATED)
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The ‘Energy Awakening Course’ will serve as the foundation through which you can expand your consciousness.  Through this course, you will be able to open the doors of perception and begin to experience much more of what the world has to offer. At the same time, your elevated awareness of subtle energy, you will be able to influence your mind, body and reality in a wide variety of ways. 

This course represents a consolidated collection of knowledge we have gained through the years. We have designed this course as logically as possible and in a way that you can learn most through experience rather than us giving all the answers.

While learning, you will have the tools to directly supercharge your own spiritual growth. A world awaits, unseen and unknown to the general public. Journey into this world and gain a measure of control and power. The audios in this course will in themselves grant you a level of awareness and psychic ability that can take someone years to achieve.

Body Primer: Clears the energy body of all repressive energies and prepares it for all the energies from this course

Energy Sensitivity: Widens, grows and enhanced the energy flow of all the meridians and chakras and increases natural sensitivity to energy via the nervous system

The Healer Primer: Intensely clears and grows the heart and palm chakras to allow for more efficient and wide streaming energetic transmission

Become the healer: Attunes you to a powerful healing energy source that will always be at your disposal. Healing that affects the energy body and physical body both at the same time for accelerated healing. We deeply believe it is a revolution in energy healing.

Crystallization Attunement: Attuned you to a Quartz Crystal Energy source that allows you to tap into and channel the energy whenever you choose. Use this energy to charge your chakras, amplify your intentions and so much more.

Meditation Audio: Although we’ve audios in relation to meditation before, this is our most complete and refined meditation audio. This audio takes you to a state between theta and delta, focuses your consciousness to the present moment and dissipates the ego.

Emotional Release helps with releasing repressive emotions and Ego Dissolution helps with enhancing the effects of certain exercises and elevating the effects of meditation (best used before meditation audio).

We have also shared very easy to follow exercises that should garner fast results for everyone. The exercises and tools from this course combined will allow for unprecedented spiritual growth. The kind of growth that will allow you take back control of your mind, body and spirit and be as powerful and mindful as you deserve to be.

So with that, we to present to you the seeds of an ever evolving truth so that it grows within you until you fruit with knowledge and power.

Join us in our forum @ so we can all discuss our progress and help each other in our journeys. See you then! 

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Contact: [email protected]

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DREAMWEAVER: Dreamweaver is the man behind all the fields you see on SapienMed, Dreamseeds and Energetic Alchemy. 

SAM: Sam is the creator of the EnlightenedStates website, answers the emails and manages the Facebook page. He also created and narrated the Energy Awakening Course with the help of Dream. Dream provided much of the knowledge and Sam did much of the handiwork to make it allhappen. 

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  • Thu, 16-Jul-2020
    Dorian Cobb
  • Mon, 10-Aug-2020
    Mohammed Amine HLAL
    increased psychic & healing energy
  • Fri, 17-Jul-2020
  • Sun, 26-Jun-2022
    genie .
    All the tools to come in control of your energy body, to accelerate healing, manifestation, intuition and so much more. Basically you get a complete upgrade to become human 2.0
  • Mon, 20-Jul-2020
    Nabil Lababidi
  • Sat, 25-Jul-2020
    Alex Bajarca
  • Sun, 26-Jul-2020
    Matt Jarvis
  • Tue, 28-Jul-2020
    Chander Maheshwari
  • Wed, 29-Jul-2020
    Amazing course! Game changer for anyone looking to go to the next step in learning energy work.
  • Sat, 01-Aug-2020
    Rafael Barros
  • Wed, 19-Aug-2020
  • Wed, 12-Aug-2020
    Wisnu Kristianto
  • Tue, 18-Aug-2020
    Tobias Kogler
    This is the basis on which you can evolve your life into making it really worthwhile and filled with a deepness and beauty unknown before.
  • Wed, 26-Aug-2020
    tom-lee diego
  • Sat, 05-Sep-2020
    Justine Borja
    Amazing course omg
  • Fri, 11-Sep-2020
    Toni Camacho
  • Sat, 19-Sep-2020
    istratescu marius
  • Wed, 18-Nov-2020
    Amadej žvelc
  • Tue, 01-Dec-2020
    Akira Fudo
    a w e s o m e
  • Mon, 14-Dec-2020
    Jennifer Young
  • Sat, 23-Jan-2021
    Gabriel Matyjasik
  • Fri, 12-Mar-2021
    Boris Juguin
    Awesome course, highly recommended :)
  • Tue, 13-Apr-2021
  • Fri, 30-Apr-2021
  • Tue, 21-Sep-2021
    Vae Vov
  • Mon, 27-Sep-2021
    Daniel Rodriguez
    Great course, simple but covering the most important areas with well explained lessonsa and excercises.
  • Fri, 19-Nov-2021
    Silvia Iglesias
    It works, it do what it say.
  • Sat, 18-Dec-2021
    Sophie WUZIK
  • Mon, 20-Dec-2021
    Ren Luma
    Extremely thankful for this work. Highly highly reccomend
  • Wed, 12-Jan-2022
    Emerald S
  • Sun, 23-Jan-2022
    Carlos Campos
    Amazing course and value.
  • Mon, 18-Apr-2022
  • Tue, 10-May-2022
    Akseli Salo
    I'm only few days in, but I'm already really excited! Mind blowing stuff and imho just the meditation audio would be well worth the price of whole course. I've done few "spiritual" courses (or whatever you want to call this stuff) and while they were also good I have a feeling that this one is in its own league :)
  • Sun, 18-Dec-2022
    Fred Busch
  • Mon, 06-Feb-2023
    Gene F
    I really enjoyed this course, from the videos explaining difficult topics for someone who was not initiated in energy work like me, to the practices and and the very effective audios to attune you. And all this for an affordable price considering all you receive from this.
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