About us

Our mission is to help you reach a permanent state of fulfillment. We have many guides available that show you not only how to achieve your desires but improve your overall state of being. But what makes us truly unique is our alternative approach to change

Following the work of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake on Morphogenic fields, we offer psychic fields that create the changes you seek on their own. The fields on SapienMed and the DreamMagick store are energetically programmed informational sates that tell our brain or body how to work or act in a specific way and in this case, the way we desire.

These fields have produced miraculous changes on hundreds of people throughout the years and you could be the next person that benefits from them. With the help of our guides and fields, you can evolve yourself and enjoy life in an enlightened state of consciousness.

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Dreamweaver is the man behind all the fields you see on SapienMed, Dreamseeds and Energetic Alchemy. 


Sam is the creator of the EnlightenedStates website, answers the emails and manages the Facebook page. He also created and narrated the Pillars of Psychic Perception Course with the help of Dream. Dream provided much of the knowledge and Sam did much of the handiwork to make it allhappen.